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I have a confession to make. I dread all of the New Year’s commercials and ads telling us how we can have better bodies in 7 weeks. Or flat abs in 5 minutes a day. While December seems to abound with stressful preparations, sugary desserts and fun in excess, January takes on the opposite vibe of deprivation, extreme exercise and self-loathing!

Instead, I like to focus on healthy living, finding ways to feel good about myself and getting back into balance. January is a great time to nurture ourselves back to health. No more waking up with that sick, sluggish feeling because of sugar overload from the day before. The shift can start with simple things like taking a brisk walk with the dog, taking time for ourselves by reading a good book and finding foods that not only taste good but make us feel good.

Although I’ve been successfully helping others with their weight and health struggles for five years now, at first I found it difficult to call myself a “Health Coach” because, in my mind, I didn’t fit the mold. I don’t have a Barbie-like figure and I don’t like hanging out at the gym. I’m not too concerned with my abs or with having a bikini-ready body but I DO want to be strong and fit and feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public. I can honestly say, I never, ever, EVER thought I would have a career in health and wellness because I have struggled with my weight since childhood.

But here’s what I’ve found.  Creating health in our lives is about learning to make better choices, feeling good about ourselves and finding support with others that are also working towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s about having more optimal days than not. Forget about perfection or comparing ourselves to everyone else. We are each on our own journey.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to value ourselves as we are now, regardless of our size. I saw a sign once that said: “Only loving our body when it’s perfectly fit is like only loving our kids when they are perfectly behaved.” Interesting comparison, huh?

My overall health goals include FEELING good in my body, maintaining a healthy weight and finding balance in my life so that I can live a long and vibrant life.

The New Year is a natural time for a fresh start. If you are ready to start feeling good, taking care of yourself and making healthy changes, join me and friends on our health journey. Make 2017 your year to become who you were meant to be!

Why Work with a Health Coach?

Are you intrigued about the idea of getting support along with structured nutrition to make big lifestyle changes but are wondering what that entails? You’re not alone. People commonly ask me, so what exactly do you do? And how does that work?

Recently I was asked to be interviewed about the benefits of health coaching and explain how I work with my clients. I was a bit apprehensive about the idea at first, but I think the article turned out well. Take a look. Omaha Magazine


My husband and I were in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and I was trying to explain to a friend what made the get-away so great but I just couldn’t seem to find the right words to convey what I felt. We had a fantastic time and I truly enjoyed one indulgence in particular that my husband granted me – a rented red convertible for a day trip to visit Hoover Dam.Take Shape for Life, Weight Loss, Tina Kucera

And then it hit me…. It wasn’t the convertible itself that created such a memorable day. I realized what made it such a fun experience was my reaction to the convertible. For once, I felt like the “leading lady”, not the “friend with the great personality”.  Convertible top down, wind blowing in my hair, I was sporting dark sunglasses and a big genuine smile on my face. Living fully in the moment, I was the diva in the desert!

In contrast, my husband and I were in Vegas 5 years ago and while we enjoyed ourselves, it was quite a different experience. I didn’t pack any fun dresses, I tried hard not to be noticed and we cut our walk on the strip short, because I was tired. This time we walked for hours and I felt great.Tina Kucera

As I was looking at pictures from our recent trip, one picture in particular caught my attention for a couple reasons. First of all, in the past I would have never posed for a picture with the Blue Man Group.  And second,  I look so damn happy! I searched for a picture from our 2010 Vegas trip that I could post and I could only find one picture (I used to try to escape the camera). Even I  was shocked to remember how different I looked. And I see so much pain in my eyes.

Tina KuceraRegardless of our size or weight, we all deserve to be the leading lady of our own life. But for most of us, how we show up in the world is directly related to how we feel about our bodies. Are you ready to rewrite your script?

My husband had a powerful revelation on this trip as well. If you want your wife to act interested for a 5 hour Hoover Dam tour, be sure to rent a convertible first!