Success in 2018 – January 3

Success in 2018



Most people can do just about anything for a short period of time. Most diets rely on willpower and therefore are not sustainable long term, which is why diets fail 85% of the time.

What happens when instead we focus on creating health? If we focus on making sustainable healthy changes – one step at a time – pretty soon we start developing a habit. A habit is something we do automatically, and doesn’t require willpower. Do you see the difference?

It’s been estimated that 40% of our actions are done out of habit! If we didn’t have habits and routines, we would be paralyzed by all the decisions we’d have to make on a daily basis. The health program I coach focuses on creating habits that serve our health so clients see long-term success without relying on willpower. Healthy habits, a great support system and proper nutrition. It’s a winning combination!


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60 lbs Gone and So Much More!


Charles is an amazing man with an incredible story! Here is what he shared about his journey:

“I had Fibromyalgia for 20 years, Diabetes, slept with a C-PAP machine, was constantly fatigued, had high cholesterol…NOW it’s GONE! And did I mention I lost 60 pounds?! I could never find any “diet” that could accomplish these kinds of results. ONLY PROPER NUTRITION can do this!! And I did it in three months… without even getting hungry!”



I can’t wait to see you succeed in 2018! And I am here to support you every step of the way!!

Health and Happiness,


Tina Kucera

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