How a Leap of Faith Altered my World!

Do you ever look back at moments of decision in your life and wonder… “Where would I be if I wouldn’t have made that choice?” Whether it’s where you went to school, where you decided to live, a job, a marriage, or even a trip in which you met someone or learned something that altered the course of your life.

I ponder this question every August. I think about how a decision I made four years ago this month has transformed my entire life… my health, my relationships with my husband and kids, my outlook on life and even my career.

My decision to work with a health coach to lose weight was a leap of faith.  I didn’t even tell anyone at first because I didn’t want to let anyone know that I was opening myself up again, to a possibility of something more. I hated my body and even though I heard stories of hope from my health coach, I just couldn’t believe that it could apply to ME. Surely, this was just another case of me setting myself up for disappointment, right?

Even when friends started noticing that I was losing weight, I would hear myself respond back to their compliments, with phrases like, “Well, let’s see if I can keep it off!” WHOA… talk about someone who truly did not believe in herself. I’d been down this road several times before and made strides forward, only to hit a wall and slide back into hopelessness and embarrassment.

I am so grateful that my sister begged me to call her friend Debbie, who became my health coach. And thank God, that through the connection I felt with Debbie I said yes and was willing to be vulnerable one more time. Maybe, just maybe it would be different this time. That was a big moment in my life to say yes, I will try again!

But strangely enough, that decision wouldn’t have been my defining moment if it weren’t for the continuing daily decision to keep my eye on health. In fact over time, the most powerful decisions are the daily decisions we make to move forward in our goals, every single day.

I decided to start blogging about my experiences to show that the joy is in the journey and those daily decisions. There is no perfect moment when you say, I am done. Glad I got that marked off my list! Yes, if you are on a weight loss journey, there is a big victory when you hit a clothing size or number on the scale that you have been striving for, but it doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t work that way.

Which brings me to another chapter in my journey. I have experienced somewhat of a detour, going off-road a bit, so to speak. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my summer with lots of trips, family guests and lovely indulgences. And as the pendulum swings to its furthest point, I feel a natural urge to bring it back to center. I’m excited about refocusing on my health, getting that vibrant energy back and feeling aligned with who I am.

Three weeks ago I re-committed myself to healthy weight loss for 90 days with the program I coach which includes nutrition, exercise, hydration, healthy sleep and stress-management.  I am playing full-out, finding joy in the process, and I’m already seeing results!  I’ll post specific numbers soon.

90 days all in. Who’s with me?


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